Below are some of the questions most frequently asked regarding new student housing. If your question isn't here, contact us. We'll give you an answer and add new frequent questions to our list.

  • How will my room be furnished?

    Each residence hall room has one twin xl bed, desk 30" h x 42" w x 24" D, desk chair, dresser 30"x 24" x 20", and closet or wardrobe for each student assigned to the room. Additionally, each room will have one minifridge and microwave (with the exception of the apartment style units) 18.5" W x 18.5" D x 43.5"H. The furniture policy contains additional information.

  • Can I request more furniture?

    No, we only have enough pieces of each type of furniture in stock to replace items that should become broken or damaged. However, students are permitted to bring their own additional furniture pieces (expect beds and mattresses).  Keep in mind that residential rooms are likely smaller than your room at home and you will be sharing the space with another student.  It is best to wait until after moving in to add any furniture of your own.  Students are not permitted to remove any University provided furniture from their room.  Placing University provided furniture in the hallway will likely result in the piece being collected and not present in your room at check-out which could result in charges. 

  • What size are the beds?

    All residence hall beds are extra-long twin size. Linens for this size mattress are available through one of our Move-in Services or at many stores that carry bedding. Matresses measure 80" x 36" x 8" 

  • Can I store things under my bed?

    You can raise your bed so that you have more storage available underneath. On its highest setting, the height under your bed is 30" and will fit the typical 3-drawer dresser.

  • What other storage is available?

    Students need to keep all possessions within their room. For storage of personal possessions Housing Services provides information regarding a storage vendor that works with the University community. The storage policy contains additional information. Local storage options surrounding campus are available as well. 

  • Is my room carpeted?

    Generally only select ground floor rooms in Ryan Hall (Ryan 001, 002, and 030) are carpeted. You are welcome to personalize your space by adding an area rug. 

  • Can I ship items to myself so they're waiting for me?

    As one of our Move-in Services CollegeBoxes provides shipping to the University for the Fall semester through their Ship to School program. The Ship to School program allows you to easily ship items to the University where they will be conveniently waiting in your room when the halls open for New Students in August. No worrying about fitting everything into your car or carrying boxes up stairs!

    If you wish to ship items to yourself prior to your arrival on campus, please use your individual mailing address. We recommend you do not ship your items too early as there is limited storage space available at Postal Services. Please note that Postal Services does not deliver packages to individual student rooms. You will need to make arrangements to pick your packages up from McMahon Hall and transport them to your room.

  • What if I forget to bring something?

    There are plenty of places to shop in DC! Almost any store that you have at home (or one similar) can be found within 30 minutes of campus. Check out our Shopping Resources for some options.

  • What if I don't like my room?

    On the day of check-in, you will need to check-in to the room to which you have been assigned. If you wish to request a new room once you arrive to campus, you may do so through the Room Change Request process. For administrative reasons, there is a period at the beginning of each semester during which room changes will normally not be considered in order to verify occupancy and identify vacancies. In addition, it is the philosophy of Housing Services and Residence Life that continual room changes are a disruption to the formation of strong and healthy communities. Therefore, room change requests will be reviewed and approved when it is reasonable to do so.

  • What if I don't like my roommate?

    Most students say that having a roommate was one of the most memorable and rewarding aspects of their college experience. However, whether you selected your own roommate or one was assigned to you, there is always an initial period of adjustment. Begin your roommate relationship with an open mind and a positive attitude. If after living together for a few days, things still don't feel right talk to your RA. He or she can help you and your roommate find common ground and bridge any differences you may have.

  • Will I be safe on living on campus?

    While CUA is generally a safe campus, we are located in the heart of our nation's capitol, a typical, large, urban environment. HS, Residence Life and the Department of Public Safety continually strive to reduce risks to your personal safety and security. However, as in any big city, your personal safety is largely dependent on your own efforts. Every CUA student is encouraged to visit the DPS website to learn what they can do to keep themselves and their belongings safe.