All students are required to check-out of the residence halls within 24 hours of their last final exam or by 12:00 p.m. on Sunday, May 10th; whichever comes first. Students who are graduating, volunteering for commencement related activities,or approved for late stay to support university operations by have a different check-out date set by Housing Services. Please select any of the options below to obtain specific closing related information:

Important Dates

May 5-9 Final exams.
May 10 Residence halls close at noon for all non-graduating residents.

RHO Hours

Check back later for hours of the Residence Hall Offices (RHO) during the  check out process.

Checkout Process

Whether one or all residents of a room are checking out, an inspection of the entire room and/or bedrooms (including common spaces) being vacated must be completed. The Residence Hall and Dining Services Agreement outlines that students must return their room in as good condition as it was received - with allowance for reasonable and customary wear and tear.

After a resident has moved all personal articles from the room (including any common areas) and cleaned it, an RA or Office Staff Member will perform an inspection with the resident present. If there is any damage or need for extraordinary cleaning the RA or Office Staff Member will try to establish responsibility among the residents of the room at that time. This information will be recorded on the Room Condition Report. Residents are encouraged to determine responsibility for damages and submit it to the Community Director (via Catholic U. email account) prior to the checkout appointment. Determination of a responsible party is important because all residents of a room will be assessed a portion of the cost if the responsible individual is not identified.

Check-out appointments are encouraged, but not mandatory. Dates and time for check-out appointments will be made available in the RHO. For Late Stays, checkout appointments will be made as appropriate. Locks will be recored for any keys that are not returned at the time of check-out. Residents will be charged for these recores.

Damage Billing Information

Damage billing information will be posted to students' My Housing accounts by June 1. Once charges are assigned it generally takes 7-10 days to be posted to individual student accounts. Billing information in MyHousing, accessible through your Cardinal Students account, reflects current charges for all housing related items. Students will receive notification when damages have been posted to student accounts. The deadline for appeals, which must be submitted to the appropriate Community Director, is July 1. More information on Damage Billing is available here.

Summer Storage and Shipping

Collegeboxes is the authorized storage and shipping company for Catholic University residents. Collegeboxes provides storage for students over the summer and semesters abroad as well as shipping to the University for the fall semester through their Ship to School program. The storage program offers discounted packing supplies, free insurance, and free pick-up from a resident's spring room and delivery directly to their new room when they return in August. Additionally, Collegeboxes provides storage for refrigerators, bicycles, futons, and most student residential items that may be difficult to pack. Collegeboxes has exclusive rights to provide storage and shipping of residential items; other companies will not be authorized to market, solicit, or provide this service on campus. In addition, all storage pods and containers are prohibited on campus. For more information on storage and shipping options please visit Collegeboxes at or (866) BOX-IT-UP.

MiniFridge Rental Return

The MiniFridges pick-up schedule will be communicated to students with rentals. Please refer to the Rental Agreement for questions about damage and excessive cleaning charges. Please complete the following steps:

  1. Fully defrost your MiniFridge. Please unplug the unit two days prior to pick-up. Do not use any sharp objects to defrost the unit.
  2. Clean and dry your MiniFridge. This includes seals and inside/outside surfaces of the refrigerator, freezer, and microwave. There will be water in the freezer area after defrosting - please dry completely.
  3. Make sure your MiniFridge has all of its parts, including top and bottom shelf in refrigerator, glass microwave plate, and microwave ring.
  4. Leave refrigerator and freezer door open. There will be a $25.00 excessive cleaning charge for units that are not defrosted, clean, and dry at the time of pick-up. Additional charges will be assessed for any missing parts. Missing units will result in a replacement charge of $350.
  5. Housing Services staff will pick up the MiniFridges. The student does not need to be present when the MiniFridge is picked up.

Summer Housing

Summer housing is available for Catholic University students. Additional information can be found here. Current Catholic University students do not need to be enrolled in summer classes to be eligible for summer housing. For continuous stay from your spring assignment to your summer assignment, please visit our transition page. This is a great opportunity for Catholic University students to pursue internships and other career opportunities in the Washington, DC area during the summer months. Information on summer internships is available in the Center for Academic and Career Success and on the Career Services website.

If you would like to rent a Minifridge unit for the summer, please contact Housing Services at