The residence halls will close on Sunday, May 9, 2021, at 12:00 P.M. EST.  Please continue to check your University email and MyHousing for detailed information on the check-out process. 

Check-Out Instructions

To properly check-out of your room, please be sure to:

  • Remove all personal belongings.  The University will submit a cleaning request with Facilities immediately upon the unit being vacant.  Any personal items left behind will be considered abandoned property and discarded.  Please see the Abandoned Property policy for move information.
  • Turn off all lights, faucets, and kitchen appliances (if applicable). 
  • Clean the room of any trash and dispose of appropriately in the trash rooms. 
  • Close and lock all doors and windows. 
  • Report any maintenance issues to Facilities. 
  • Report all ethernet and cable issues to Resnet. 
  • Report all furniture requests to Housing Services

Closing instructions will be provided to you in more detail from your Resident Assistant. All students are instructed to contact the Residence Life staff in their Neighborhood before departing campus to have their closing inspection completed and properly return the room key.  Failure to properly return the room key will result in additional charges applied to your student account. 


Damage Billing Information

Students will receive notification when damages have been posted to student accounts, if applicable. Once charges are assigned it generally takes 7-10 days to be posted to individual student accounts. Billing information in MyHousing, accessible through your Cardinal Students account, reflects current charges for all housing related items.  More information on Damage Billing is available here.


MiniFridge Rental Return

If you rented a Minifridge with Microwave unit from Housing Services, please empty, clean, un-plug(defrost), and leave the doors open. Housing Services will pickup at a later date. Please refer to the Rental Agreement for questions about damage and excessive cleaning charges. There will be a $25.00 excessive cleaning charge. Additional charges will be assessed for any missing parts. Missing units will result in a replacement charge of $350.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are there storage options if I can't take something with me?

The University recommends the following companies for students who are interested in shipping and storage options for their belongings: Campus StorageDorm Room Movers, and CollegeBoxes. Students should reach out to the company of their choice directly to explore shipping and storage availability.  There is also a CubeSmart storage facility located close to campus.  The University does not offer on-campus storage options. 


How do I return my room key if I already packed up & left campus?

Please contact your Community Director and ask if Residence Life can accept a late returned key.  It is possible that a Facilities Request to recore the door for a "lost key" has already been processed.  If so, it may be too late to return the key in-person or via mail and lost key charges may be added to your student account. 

Will moving carts be available?

Moving carts are typically available from the Residence Hall Office on a first-come, first-served basis.

Will University staff be available to help me pack my belongings?

No, Housing Services and Residence Life staff will not be available to assist with packing belongings and/or removing belongings from the residence halls. Having outside helpers (i.e. family, friends, etc).  will be dependent on current visitation regulations within the halls.  More information will be shared by Residence Hall at the time of Closing.