Overview and Benefits

Student staff members play a vital role in supporting Housing Services day to day activities. Their support is needed year round and make the service we provide to students, parents, and others within and outside the university community more helpful.

Within our office we have positions available for students throughout the year that involve a variety of work experiences. These positions allow students to:

  • Gain valuable job experiences
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Actively engage with the campus community
  • Earn extra money while attending school
  • Utilize flexible scheduling
  • Develop skills that will assist students in jobs after graduation
  • Assist the University in day to day activities
  • Assist on special housing projects such as hall Opening or Room Selection


Student Positions

The Office of Housing Services has several student employment positions. If you are interested in an available position, please send your resume to cua-housing@cua.edu. For information regarding positions, please view the links below:

For all other on and off campus opportunities visit Cardinal Connection.