Living on-campus is about more than your room — it is about being a part of a dynamic campus community.

Undergraduate students at Catholic University live in single sex residence halls. Coupled with programs directed toward student's personal, spiritual, and moral development, single-sex housing fosters an environment of virtuous living consistent with the Catholic intellectual tradition. With a variety of residential buildings available, on-campus living will be an enjoyable and rewarding experience during your entire academic career at Catholic University.

The University strongly believes in the benefits that on-campus living has to offer to undergraduate students in terms of academic success, personal development, and involvement within the campus community.  As such, full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate students are required to live on-campus for the first six semesters of enrollment.  More information on the Student Housing Policy is available on the University's Policy website. 

While not all students are required to live on-campus, space is generally available for students who do not fall within the Student Housing Policy who follow application deadlines and are flexible in their housing choices.