The residence halls will close on Sunday, December 17, 2023 at 12:00 p.m. EST. 

Students will not be able to enter the residence halls during the winter break period.  If you have questions regarding Fall Closing please contact Housing Services or your Residence Hall Office (RHO).

Check-Out Instructions

Please remember to take any items you may need (i.e. medications, passport, etc) with you as you will not have access to your room or building over the winter break period. Closing instructions will be provided to you from your Resident Assistant.  To properly prepare your room for break, please be sure to:

  • Turn off and unplug all appliances (TV, computer, lamps, etc.).  Periodic power outages may occur on-campus throughout the break period. 
  • Defrost, empty, and unplug refrigerators
  • Remove all food items; including non-perishable items in plastic wrapping or containers 
  • Clean your room of any trash 
  • Empty the trashcan 
  • Turn off faucets
  • Close and lock all doors and windows
  • Turn off all lights in your bedroom, bathroom, and shared living rooms
  • Turn down the heat to 62 degrees or a low setting (where applicable)
  • Claim any personal items left in the laundry room and common refrigerators
  • Report all maintenance, pest, and kitchen appliance requests to FMO at
  • Report all ethernet and cable requests to ResNet at
  • Report all furniture requests to Housing Services

More information about closing inspections will be provided by Residence Life.  Students not returning to on-campus housing for the Spring semester should also contact the  Office of the Dean of Students and submit the Housing Cancellation Form prior to November 15th. 

Power Outages During the Break

Annually, during the break period while the residence halls are closed, Pepco does electrical voltage testing. During the test, residential buildings can experience power outages in accordance with Pepco's annual high voltage testing and maintenance procedures.