The annual Residence Hall & Dining Services Agreement is a binding Agreement and is in effect for the entire academic year or remaining portion thereof.  All current residential students seeking to cancel their Agreement must submit the Housing Cancellation Request Form linked below. Requests to cancel housing are not guaranteed.  

Please refer to the Cancellation of Housing policy for more information regarding the housing cancellation process and the University policy on Refunds of Student Charges and Statement of Financial Responsibility for more information on refunds of room and board charges.

If you are a financial aid recipient, please contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance if you are considering moving off-campus. Your financial aid package must be reviewed to accurately reflect your cost of attendance. 

Cancellation Reasons

Students will only be released from their Agreement if one of the following criteria is met. 

Reason Description Supporting Documentation
Withdrawal/Academic Leave Student has officially withdrawn from the University.  Housing Cancellation fee will be applied.  Academic Leave/Permanent Withdrawal Form accepted in the Dean of Students Office. 
Marriage Student is legally married. Housing Cancellation fee will be applied.  Official copy of the marriage license (photocopies are not accepted). 
Graduation Student completes requirement for graduation at the end of the fall semester. Graduation Application accepted in Enrollment Services. 
Study Abroad Student will be released from the Agreement at the end of the fall semester if working on a University-approved study abroad program.  Confirmation from the CUAbroad Office. 
Military Service Student is called to active military duty. Official copy of military orders. 
Visiting Student Student is a visiting international exchange student and duration of study was established when accepted to the program. Confirmation from the CUAbroad Office. 

For reasons other than those listed above, the student must be able to demonstrate that a significant, uncontrollable, and unforeseen change has occurred since the time that the Agreement was signed, that now requires release from the Agreement. Verifiable supporting documentation must be provided at the time the request is made. In these cases, if cancellation is approved, the Agreement will be cancelled and the student will be charged a Housing Cancellation Fee of up to a $1,000.  Requests based on financial circumstances should be due to a change in the financial status of the student or family that is unforeseeable.  Financial savings is not considered financial hardship.  Students should meet with the Office of Student Financial Assistance to confirm that continuing to live on-campus would hinder their ability to attend the University.  Requests based on a medical need should be supported by a medical provider and submitted to the Office of Disability Support Services for review. 

If a student is not approved for a housing cancellation, they will be held financially responsible for all housing and dining charges for the academic year.  Checking out of the room, commuting, or moving to an off-campus residence does not qualify as being released from the Agreement and does not make the student eligible for a housing and/or board refund. 

If the cancellation request is approved:

  • The student will have 48 hours to check-out of their room or by the approved deadline provided by Housing Services.  Conducting a proper check-out includes removing all personal belongings, conducting a general cleaning of the room, reporting any damages to the Community Director, and returning the room key(s) to a Residence Life staff member. Students can contact their Residence Hall Office for detailed instructions. 
  • The room assignment may not be available should the student decide to return to on-campus housing.
  • The student's dining plan will be immediately cancelled for the term approved; unless the student will still be enrolled in classes. 
  • The student's account will be credited to reflect the appropriate room assignment and dining plan charges, if any, for the period of occupancy in accordance with the University Refund Schedule. 
  • The student will be charged a housing cancellation fee of up to $1,000. 


If you understand this information and would like to continue with your request for cancellation, please follow the link below to the Housing Cancellation Request Form: