Housing Services recognizes that for a variety of reasons students may prefer single rooms.

Demand for single rooms may exceed their initial availability. Due to the difficulty in predicting when single rooms will become available, the single room waitlist will be maintained throughout the academic year. Below is a list of the type of singles available. 


Eligible single room waitlist applicants are Catholic University students who have a confirmed housing assignment for the term in which they are requesting a single room. Students can review their confirmed assignments online in Cardinal Students.


Once you submit your single room request, Housing Services will confirm your eligibility and contact you as availability arises. Please keep in mind the following:

  • You will be offered a single room in the order in which your request was received as single rooms become available.
  • Once a single room is offered via email, you will generally have 2-3 business days to accept.
  • Due to the difficulty in predicting where and when singles will become available, Housing Services is unable to guarantee that your hall preference will be met.
  • If the single is not accepted or is declined, you will receive a second offer when the next single becomes available. Should you decline or not accept the second offer, your name will be removed from the single room waitlist.
  • After you accept and have been assigned to a single, your new assignment will be available online in Cardinal Students.
  • Your student account will be updated to reflect the prorated difference in room cost for the new assignment (i.e. the nightly rate).
  • If you move to a more expensive room type, you will be responsible for those additional charges.
  • If you do not move by the specified date/time, your offer may be rescinded
  • If you do not return your keys to your original room by the specified date/time, you will be billed for a room/suite recore

Students can access the Single Waitlist Request Form HERE