The Catholic University of America strongly believes in the benefits that on-campus living has to offer to our first- and second-year students in terms of academic success, personal development and involvement within the campus community.

As such, Catholic University requires freshmen and sophomore undergraduate students to live in on-campus housing unless they reside with a parent or legal guardian within 20 miles of campus or are 21 years of age or older. Students who fall under the foregoing exceptions do not need to request an exemption to the on-campus residency requirement.

Students subject to the on-campus residency requirement who do not qualify for one of the exceptions outlined in the Student Housing Policy may seek an exemption to the residency requirement by submitting a request below.

Students wishing to be granted an exemption to the residency requirement should submit their request no later than July 1 for the Fall semester and November 15 for the Spring semester. Students who do not meet the submission deadline may be charged for housing.

Please refer to the Student Housing Policy for more information regarding the Freshman and Sophomore Housing Requirement.

The Office of Housing Services will review and respond to exemption requests within 5 business days. Submission of the form below acknowledges that the Office of Student Financial Assistance may release financial information to the Office of Housing Services in regards to any exemption requests based on financial hardship.