The Catholic University of America strongly believes in the benefits that on-campus living has to offer to our students in terms of academic success, personal development and involvement within the campus community.

As such, Catholic University requires that all full-time, degree-seeking undergraduate students live in on-campus housing for the first six semesters of enrollment (to include fall and spring semesters only).  Considerations will be made for students who reside with a parent or legal guardian within 20 miles of campus, are 23 years of age or older, are completing a University-sponsored study abroad program during a fall or spring semester, and transfer students who have completed residency at a previous institution.  Students who fall under the foregoing exceptions do not need to request an exemption to the on-campus residency requirement.

Students subject to the on-campus residency requirement who do not qualify for one of the exceptions outlined in the Student Housing Policy may seek an exemption to the residency requirement by submitting a request below for reasons such as: 

Status Description Supporting Documentation
Commuter Student lives with a parent or legal guardian within 20 miles of the Catholic University campus.  Owning a secondary residence within 20 miles of campus does not satisfy this requirement. Address must be established prior to initial enrollment.  If the parent/guardian's primary address has changed since initial enrollment, the student should submit the Residency Exemption Address Verification Form
Married Student is legally married. Official copy of the marriage license (photocopies are not accepted). 
Age Student has reached the age of 23 years prior to the first day of classes for the fall semester. Date of birth is established prior to initial enrollment. 
Financial Hardship Student has experienced a recent and unforeseen financial hardship that significantly impacts their ability to attend the University if not permitted to live off-campus.  Financial savings is not considered a valid reason for financial hardship. 

Confirmation from the Office of Student Financial Assistance. 

Personal Statement explaining unforeseen change in finances. 

Disability/Medical Student has a diagnosed medical need that cannot be accommodated appropriately within on-campus housing.  Confirmation from the Office of Disability Support Services. 
Live with Family Member Student lives with a family member other than their parent/legal guardian at an address within 20 miles of campus not established prior to initial enrollment.  Completed Residency Exemption Address Verification Form

Supporting documentation must be submitted to Housing Services within 2 weeks of the request.  If supporting documentation is not received for review within 2 weeks, the request will be denied.  Students not meeting one or more of the reasons above may submit a request to Housing Services for consideration.  Exemptions not meeting one of the above reasons will be reviewed only under extenuating circumstances.  Further supporting documentation may be requested. 

Students requesting an exemption who already have a room assignment for the exemption term will also be subject to the Cancellation of Housing Policy.  Please refer to the Student Housing Policy for more information regarding the Student Housing Requirement.