Residence Life and Housing Services are committed to providing a supportive and educational environment for all students living in the residence halls. 

It is the philosophy of Residence Life and Housing Services that continual room changes are disruptive to the formation of strong and healthy communities.  Therefore, room change requests will be reviewed and approved when it is reasonable to do so.  Room changes are not guaranteed and are generally based on availability of space. For administrative reasons, there is a period at the beginning of each semester when room changes will normally not be considered in order to verify occupancy and identify vacancies.  Room changes are also not typically approved for the last two weeks of each semester so students can focus on final exams.  Please refer to the Residence Hall & Dining Services Agreement and to the Policy on Room Changes for more information on this process. 
Residence Life and Housing Services recognize that there are a variety of reasons that a student might request a room change, such as:
  • Roommate Conflict: There may be times when a student's living situation becomes challenging due to issues with the roommate or community. Students experiencing a roommate conflict may be asked to work with University staff to mediate the dispute before a room change is approved. 
  • Room Swap: When two students wish to swap room assignments.  Both students must submit the Room Change Request Form.  Depending on the types of spaces involved in the request, Housing Services may require involved roommates to confirm that the request is mutual.  Traditional single rooms cannot be requested in a room swap. 
  • Medical Need: Students who have a medical need in which a room change to a different residence hall or room type would be better suited for their residential experience will be referred to Disability Support Services to begin the housing accommodation process. 
  • Vacancy in a Friend's Room: Students who wish to live with a fellow student who has a vacancy in their room.  Approval is based on the space being available and the roommate request being mutual. 
  • Desire to Live in a Different Hall/Room Type: Some students wish to live in a different residence hall based on location around on-campus or the types of amenities provided in each hall. Housing Services offers a vary of room types throughout the residence halls and some students may have a desire for a different type of room.  Students are encouraged to review the room rate associated with each room type before submitting a room change request for this reason.  This request is based solely on availability.  Students interested in a single room specifically will need to submit the Single Room Waitlist Request Form, not the Room Change Request Form. 
  • Mid-Year Room Change: Students wishing to request a room change for the start of the Spring semester must submit the Room Change Request Form by December 1st. Students approved for a mid-year room change will be provided with situation specific instructions.  Students approved for a mid-year room change may need to stay on campus past December 18th to complete the room change, depending on when the vacancy is available, and will need to plan their travels accordingly. 

Students approved for a room change will be provided with information that details a successful process of moving rooms.  Generally, room changes are scheduled to begin on Fridays with a deadline to complete the room change and return the keys to the previous assignment by the following Monday. After the room change has been successfully completed, the student's account will be updated to reflect the prorated difference in the room rate for the new assignment, if applicable.  In addition, any damages discovered upon check-out from the previous assignment will also be billed to the student's account.  

Students who complete an unapproved room change may be required to move back to the original assignment and may be charged or referred to the Office of Student Conduct and Ethical Development. 


Students can access the Room Change Request Form HERE