As members of the Catholic residential community, on-campus students take responsibility for the proper use, care, and maintenance of their own personal rooms and the common areas within their halls.

Damage Billing Policy

At the end of each academic year, Housing Services and Residence Life assess the condition of the residential facilities. The cost of repairs, replacements or extraordinary custodial services, both in common areas and in individual rooms, are then charged to the student accounts of the residents responsible for those areas.

Residents are made aware of this policy before check-in as it is included in the Residence Hall and Dining Services Agreement. When residents arrive on campus, they are provided with information on how to access the Student Life Code of Student Conduct online which further outlines the policy.

After the residence halls close, Residence Life will complete final building and room inspections for the academic year and will assess damage charges based upon those inspections. Once charges are assigned it generally takes 7-10 days to be posted to individual student accounts. Billing information in MyHousing, accessible through your Cardinal Students account, reflects current charges for all housing related items. Students with damage charges will receive notification indicating the charge for damages.

Common Area Damages

A common area is defined as any space and/or area outside a student room. This includes, but is not limited to stairwells, hallways, restrooms, lounges, elevators, entrance ways, recreation areas and study rooms. Community members share responsibility for ensuring that common areas are properly utilized. Damage charges resulting from the misuse or abuse of common areas will be assessed to all residents. If the individuals responsible for the damage are identified, then only those persons are charged.


If you feel that you have been incorrectly assessed for Improper Check-Out, Lock and Key Replacement, Room Damage and/or Shared Space Damage charges, you may submit a written appeal. In your appeal, please be specific and note which charges you are appealing as well as the reason(s) why you should not be charged. You will be notified of decisions regarding your appeal within 15 business days of its receipt.

Please keep the following in mind regarding appeals:

  • Common Area Charges may not be appealed.
  • If you did not check-out with a staff member you waived your right to appeal any damage charge assessed.

The deadline to submit an appeal is July 1st. All appeals should be in writing and should come from the student. Housing Services and Residence Life staff are unable to discuss damages or damage charges over the phone until a written appeal has been received. Students should address their appeal to their Community Director as indicated in the Damage Billing Notification.


If you are submitting an appeal, please do not make payment of the specific charges being appealed until a review of your appeal has been completed. Payments can be made on line by credit card or check through CardinalPay. Simply log in to Cardinal PAY from the link in Cardinal Students. If you choose to mail your payment remember to include your student ID number on all checks. Checks should be made out to The Catholic University of America and sent to:

Enrollment Services
10 McMahon Hall
620 Michigan Avenue NE
Washington, DC 20064

Please note that simply not paying your damage billing charges does not constitute an appeal. Failure to pay damage billing charges could result in a financial hold being placed on your student account.