Opening DayHousing Services recognizes students may have extenuating circumstances in which a request to return to on-campus housing outside of the occupancy dates could be needed.  While individual requests outside of normal occupancy dates are not always approved, Housing Services will review each request submitted by the established deadlines. 

The residence halls will open for new students to begin Orientation on Thursday, August 26th.  The residence halls will open for returning students on Saturday, August 28th and Sunday, August 29th. All residential students need to make the appropriate travel arrangements. 


Services including, but not limited to, regular custodial services, dining services, residence hall offices, and mail delivery may not be available during periods outside the contract period. Students who are permitted to reside on-campus outside of the occupancy dates should also be aware that work being done in the facilities may create temporary inconveniences. Students permitted on-campus may not allow others who have not been previously authorized, including guests and roommate(s), to occupy residence hall space. Unapproved individuals will be asked to leave the building and may be billed for dates in residence. All policies and procedures are applicable during times outside of the regular contract period.


Students who receive approval (i.e. who are not endorsed by a faculty or staff member to participate in an authorized University-function) will be charged for the additional nights on campus.  The charge will be added to their student account for the corresponding semester.

Room Type Nightly Cost
Single $43.00
Double $41.00
Double with bath $46.00
Triple $37.00
Triple with bath/Quad with bath $44.00
Apartment Single $54.00
Apartment Double $52.00
Suite Single A $52.00
Suite Single B/C $48.00
Suite Single $52.00
Suite Double $48.00

Request Process

If a student is participating in a University approved function, a request from a University staff or faculty member is required for consideration. Please have the appropriate faculty or staff member email the request to  Students do not need to submit individual requests if their reason for late stay/early arrival approval is being submitted by a faculty or staff member.  Housing Services will notify the student if a request has been submitted on their behalf by a University faculty or staff member.  

Please submit an individual request for consideration if your need to arrive early if not associated with a University department. Students who submit an individual request are subject to the nightly room rate.  Submitting a request does not guarantee approval. 


The Fall 2021 Early Arrival/Alternative Time Slot Form is now closed.  All students should make travel arrangements per their currently scheduled time slot.  In extenuating circumstances, requests can be emailed to