Opus Hall opened in January 2009 and offers suite-style living arrangements for upperclass students.  The modern design reflects the University's "collegiate gothic" architecture. Opus Hall is home to approximately 402 students. 

  • Hall Information

    Style: Suites (5-person suites) 

    Campus locations in close proximity: DuFour Athletic Center, Aquinas Hall

    Features: Air conditioned; Kitchen facilities (located on each floor); Laundry facility (1st floor); Community lounges; Elevator, Wireless internet access; and Eucharistic Adoration Chapel

  • Room Information

    Room Types: Suite Single (11' x 9.5') and Suite Double (18.5' x 9.5') Each 5-person unit consists of 3 single rooms and 1 double room. Due to architectural features, columns are present in the double rooms of the end suites on each floor (x04, x05, x10, and x11).

    Furnishings include a twin x-long bed frame, twin x-long mattress, dresser, desk, desk chair, and wardrobe/closet per student.  One minifridge with microwave unit per room.  All units include living room furnishings: couch, coffee table, and chairs. 

    artistic depiction of opus suite floor plan from top view

    artistic depction of opus suite floor plan from a side view

  • Making Opus Your "Home Away From Home"

    Students are encouraged to decorate their room to reflect individual style and personality!  Housing Services has partnered with a few vendors to help make the decorating, planning, and packing process fun and easy!  Students are also encouraged to use the printable packing list to make sure they bring everything they might need (and leave prohibited items at home). 

    Linen Program: Select your style and have a linen package shipped directly to campus!  With over 40 Value Pak combinations, students can create their room style to include bedding towels, storage bins, accent pillows, and more!

  • Residence Hall Staff Information

    Each residence hall is part of a larger community neighborhood on-campus.  The residence hall staff oversees the daily operations of the hall and provides engagement opportunities for students throughout the academic year!  

    Neighborhood: Opus

    Residence Hall Office (RHO) Location: Opus

    Office Phone Number: 202-299-2881

    Campus Map


Individual Tours

Students and their families wishing to see a typical residence hall room are encouraged to participate in an Admission Tour, view the panoramic tours of rooms in the Campus Map, and visit the Housing Services website for more information regarding the various housing options at Catholic University.