Requests related to the maintenance of your residence hall room are provided by a few offices on campus.

This directory includes links to the information below that further explains offered services.

Housing Services directly manages furniture issues, community televisions, game tables, laundry facilities, and storage opportunities. Requests can be submitted via an online form, via email to, or by phone at (202) 319-5615.

Facilities Maintenance and Operations (FMO) manages maintenance requests, custodial services, pest control, kitchen appliance repair, and heating/air conditioning. Submit requests at or (202) 319-5121. Emergency requests outside normal business hours should be reported to the Department of Public Safety at (202) 319-5111.

Technology Services manages ResNet requests including computer connections and telephone service. Submit requests at or call (202) 319-4357. 

Business Services manages beverage and snack vending throughout campus. Submit requests for refunds or service online.


Computer Connections

Access to ResNet, the University's high-speed residential hall network, is provided in individual student rooms. ResNet allows access to University computing resources such as Cardinal Station and webmail, and to the Internet and Internet2. All rooms are equipped with one wired port per bed space. Additionally, wireless access is available in all residence halls.

A connection to the campus network via a wired port requires a computer with integrated network port or an installed network card and a network cable. Wireless access requires either integrated wireless (included with most newer notebook computers), or an installed wireless card or USB network adaptor. Network adaptors and cables may be purchased or ordered through the campus bookstore. ResNet is protected by a network registration system. Additionally, antivirus/antispyware software for Microsoft Windows is available to residential students free of charge.

Personal computers are recommended, but not required, as the University has several computer labs on campus for student use. Information about buying a computer can be found on the Technology Services Web site. The ResNet website provides information about computers and computer support in the residence halls. Students should report problems with Internet service to ResNet via or (202) 319-4357.


Furniture Requests, Community Televisions and Game Tables

Housing Services maintains the furniture, televisions, and game tables provided within the residence halls. Requests for repairs to furniture or to the televisions and game tables located in lounges can be submitted via an online form, via email at When sending repair requests, it is important to provide detailed information so the responding staff member is fully prepared to address the problem. Based on the nature of the request, a staff member will generally respond within a few business days. Requests for game table equipment should be directed to the appropriate Residence Hall Office.

Each room is issued specific furniture items, including a bed, dresser, desk and desk chair, closet or wardrobe; suites and apartments may have additional furniture for use in the shared space, as appropriate. All beds can be raised to a maximum height that provides a 30" clearance under the bed; this space can be used to store dressers or other personal items. For safety reasons bed risers or the use of cinder blocks to raise the level of a bed are not permitted.

University-issued furniture that is assigned to each room must remain in the room, regardless of the other furniture a student may add to the room. In addition, common area furniture may not be moved to or kept in individual student rooms, so that all residential students may utilize the common areas. Broken or damaged furniture should remain in the room until a staff member has identified the problem and either repaired or replaced the item.


Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)

For the comfort of students, all residential buildings are air conditioned during the early fall and late spring. Beginning late fall to mid-spring, all residential buildings are heated. Several of the building systems are designed to provide either heating or cooling; these systems cannot provide both at the same time. Consequently, during the transitional weeks in the fall and spring a building may become warm during the day because heat is still provided for the cooler evening hours. The Office of Facilities Maintenance and Operations (FMO) in collaboration with Environmental Health & Safety monitors weather projections in order to establish a timeline for transitioning the building systems from cooling to heating and vice versa. 


Laundry Facilities

Washers and dryers are available in the residence halls for personal use by residential students of that hall only. All laundry facilities on campus offer students washing and drying privileges at no additional charge. Students should report repair needs to Caldwell & Gregory at (800) 927-9274; be prepared to provide the specific location of the machine, the machine number, and the nature of the problem if known. Students can contact Housing Services for additional assistance. The University is not responsible for the theft or destruction of personal items. Students should not leave personal items unattended in the laundry rooms. At the end of each semester after the halls have closed, any belongings left in the laundry rooms will be considered abandoned property and either donated to charity or disposed of.


Lounge Space

Each residence hall is equipped with lounge space that is furnished with chairs and tables for relaxation or study. Common area furniture may not be moved to or kept in individual student rooms, so that all students may utilize the common areas. At least one lounge in each building is equipped with a television set and some are outfitted with game tables that students may use by checking equipment out from the Residence Hall Office. Additional lounges may be designated as quiet areas for study purposes. Individuals or groups who would like to reserve a lounge space within the residence halls should contact the Community Director responsible for that neighborhood. Priority will be given to students of the hall in which the space is located.


Maintenance, Custodial, Appliance Repair, and Pest Control Requests

The Office of Facilities Maintenance and Operations (FMO) provides custodial, maintenance, kitchen appliance repair, and pest control services within the residential facilities. Requests for routine services can be submitted to FMO using the routine service request form. When entering requests, it is important to provide detailed information so the maintenance technician is fully prepared to respond to the problem. Students are encouraged to immediately report all emergency requests to the Facilities Service Center 202-319-5121 during normal working hours (Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or the Department of Public Safety 202-319-5111 after normal working hours. All questions and/or concerns regarding service requests should be directed to Facilities at 202-319-5121 or

After-hours emergencies involving heating, lighting, plumbing, electricity, or other vital services can be immediately reported to the Residence Life Staff or the Department of Public Safety. Students should contact their Residence Hall Office with on-going concerns, repeated maintenance requests, and any difficulties in having issues addressed. If students do not report facility concerns in the room when they occur, they may be billed for damaged or broken items at checkout.

In the event that snow removal is necessary, Facilities will normally focus removal efforts to allow access to the dining halls from the residence halls. Students who are experiencing mobility difficulty due to the snow should contact Facilities at 202-319-5121 during normal business hours and the Department of Public Safety at 202-319-5111 after-hours.

Custodial staff performs routine cleaning of public areas. Students are responsible for cleaning their own rooms, suites, and apartments including kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms.



Storage space for personal possessions of any kind is not available in the residence halls. Personal belongings (including sporting equipment) should not be stored in common spaces such as lounges or hallways. Additionally, storage is not available on campus for excess residence hall furniture. Bed frames, desks, chairs, dressers, wardrobes, mattresses, and other items may not be removed from rooms, apartments, or suites. University provided/owned items may not be placed in storage off-campus and must remain in the room; students will be charged the full replacement cost of any missing item(s).

The University recommends students who are interested in shipping and storage options for their belongings use Collegeboxes. Students should reach out to the company directly to explore shipping and storage availability.  Housing Services will work with the student and the vendor on arrangements at the beginning and end of the semesters, as appropriate.  

Catholic University and Housing Services does not assume any responsibility or liability for the services of the mentioned companies.