Space Availability

As you prepare your housing options for the selection process, keep in mind the types of spaces that will be available within your lottery designation. Unfortunately, not everyone will be able to select their first preference. In addition, due to the many fluid variables within the selection process, including student roommate groups and room type preferences, Housing Services is unable to predict your chances for obtaining a particular type of space. Housing Services recommends that you and your group have several plans for housing options. In addition, if your preferred spaces are within suites or apartments, you should pre-determine who will live in each bedroom in order to make your selection process go more smoothly.

Room rates for 2021-2022 are available on the Enrollment Services website. Floor Plans can be requested by emailing Housing Services is open when the lotteries are in progress. Please email with your lottery questions.

Below is an overview of the spaces Housing Services anticipates being available in the Sophomore Room Selection Lottery scheduled to begin on Monday, April 19, 2021.  Availability can change before and during the lottery process and this webpage is used as a general guide for students in their planning. Individual lottery information is located in MyHousing.

Room Selection 2021-22 has concluded.  Please contact Housing Services at with any questions.